Baby Shark Universe
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BSU Linkin Guide

1. Enter Bag - Select NFT

First, once you've logged into the game and entered your bag, you'll see the NFT icon in the top right corner. You'll also see it if you're new to the game, so if you want to link your wallet first, just click on your bag!

2. Launch Burrito Wallet – Sign Up

To enjoy BSU, you need to sign up for Burrito Wallet and create a wallet. Check out the link at the bottom for a detailed guide on how to do this!

3. Re-enter Bag - Select NFT

Once you've installed Burrito Wallet, signed up, and created your wallet, come back to the game and click on the NFT icon.

4. Launch Burrito Wallet - Connect Wallet

If you have Burrito Wallet installed and logged in, you will be directed to the network selection screen when you click the NFT icon. Click the Connect button to complete the integration with the game.