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BSU Guide (English)

▣ Introduction

  • The Baby Shark Universe is a game that combines action-adventure with social networking, where you engage in standalone scenarios through communication with other sharks!
  • To enhance your enjoyment while playing Baby Shark Universe, try linking your "BURRITO" Wallet.
  • The scenario primarily revolves around a story of chasing the mischievous Little Ghost as you explore the mystical Shark Kingdom!

▣ Scenario

  • In the scenario, if you are attacked by monsters, step on thorn platforms, or fall from cliffs, you will lose one life.
  • In each scenario, there is a life at stake. If you lose all your lives, you will fail the scenario, so be careful!
  • Don't be discouraged if you fail the scenario; you'll have as many chances as you need!
  • Coins appear and can be collected throughout the scenario, and they will be tallied up when you successfully clear the scenario.
  • In each scenario, there is a hidden Wonderstar. The Wonderstar is the most important item, and you must have a character bag to acquire it.
  • To obtain the Wonderstar, you need to participate in an event by linking your BURRITO Wallet, so please be sure to keep this in mind!
  • You must be in your character-transformed state to obtain the stars. After obtaining a star, you will return to the point where you transformed.
  • The types of scenarios vary widely, including adventure stages, jump stages, racing stages, and more. Experience them firsthand and discuss strategies with your fellow sharks to find the best way to conquer them.

▣ Lobby

  • The lobby is populated with numerous NPCs. Try to identify who these NPCs are and learn more about them!
  • Time in BSU passes uniquely, so don't be surprised when it transitions between day and night!
  • There are plenty of great places to take photos. Explore around and create your own little memories!
  • There are portals in various places. Since it's a scenario involving portal travel, let's find out the locations of the portals scattered around.

▣ Character

  • There are characters available for use in scenarios.
  • Each character possesses unique abilities. Obtain character potions that appear in the scenario and try transforming.
  • Character potions last for a certain duration, and if you don't consume a reversal potion within that time, you'll return to the location where you obtained the potion.
  • Pinkfong can launch magical attacks against enemies. Enemies hit by these magical attacks are either defeated, stunned, or immobilized.
  • Jeni can perform double jumps and, when she hits a wall, she descends very slowly instead of falling immediately. While on a wall, she can use jumps to climb upward.

▣ Currency

  • Currency is usually obtainable during scenarios.
  • Medals and Wonder Stars can be exchanged for cosmetics and emojis through specific NPCs in the lobby.


  • You can check NFTs by clicking on the "Bags" and then clicking on the NFT icon in the upper right corner.
  • If you are using BSU's NFTs for the first time, please refer to the NFT guide registered on Discord.
  • The character bag can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis during events and can be used in scenarios.
  • Explore the exact use of the character bag through information exchange with sharks.