Market analysis

The metaverse market is showing rapid growth, and is becoming an emerging trend in various fields. The market is already attracting attention as a future value market of more than KRW 1,000 trillion, and it is growing to be more valuable as more companies participate.
Each metaverse project establishes various virtual environments centering on different visions, including economy, office work, and games. This environment is evolving around security technology that promises asset safety through a crypto-based technical environment, a transaction system without border restrictions, and various service environments.
The metaverse is emerging as a new market where AR and VR technology developments allow for activities similar to reality beyond providing simple virtual spaces. This enables users to directly participate to organize a society and economy, create values, and exchange in the same way as in the real world.
However, the current metaverse market has various risks, such as user fragmentation, high entry barriers, a lack of an environment that embraces the existing crypto ecosystem, and a lack of an integrated platform between metaverses. To solve these problems and develop the metaverse market more effectively, we need to promote standardization and integration while actively utilizing blockchain technology.
Therefore, we need an environment that can accommodate various ecosystems and metaverse projects, bring users and content together in one place, and a new vision of a metaverse “platform (multiverse)” to create a continuous user pool with strong brand power.
These platforms can increase the range of choices and diversity of experiences for users by providing a variety of content to users in one space. In addition, with the interaction and linkage of various metaverse projects in an integrated environment, we are expecting to provide a richer and more innovative experience to users. This type of new metaverse platform will activate the metaverse market and popularize it.
To solve these problems, Baby Shark Universe has been thinking for a long time about building a metaverse one step further evolved by using blockchain technology. Through this project, we will provide answers for these problems, and do our best to meet the needs of users.