Project introduction

Establishment of a true metaverse ecosystem with a user-friendly game environment using a competitive IP
Baby Shark Universe is a metaverse platform based on the Polygon ecosystem.
Our vision is to establish a true metaverse ecosystem for users. Through this project, we aim to change the way we interact with the virtual world based on a user-friendly gaming environment. Baby Shark Universe aspires to become a safe, decentralized, and transparent blockchain platform based on blockchain technology and immersive user interface of both 2D and 3D games.
Users around the world and Baby Shark in one space
By using an avatar reflecting your identity with global users, you can have a new experience in a metaverse, the future of social media platforms. Baby Shark Universe square serves as a space where various users can communicate with one another, exchange, sell, and purchase items, where users can interact with one another.
Own your digital assets
Users can acquire goods from the Baby Shark Universe, and can use them as materials to create their own world or trade them with other users. This project is a blockchain-based metaverse, and all goods are composed of NFTs, and users have actual ownership of the items they have obtained and can utilize them.
With our vision and philosophy in mind, we would like to provide a detailed explanation of the objectives, features, technological foundation, and platform of the Baby Shark Universe in this light paper.